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What is Homestaging?

Home staging refers to the concept of discreet furnishing of a flat or house.

Through the use of individually selected furnishings, individual decoration and different colour concepts, the positive qualities of the property are emphasised and underlined.

A warm and inviting atmosphere is created in otherwise empty, cold rooms. The aim is to enable the prospective buyer to better visualise the space and make him/her feel comfortable in the property.

How does our Homestaging work?

After the property has been renovated and/or refurbished by the construction team, the first step is to create a mood board. An individual color and style concept is defined for each apartment.

In the next step, the previously determined style is brought to life using a 3D visualization, in which also the placement of the future furniture visualized.

Afterwards, an inventory and an order list of the required furniture and decoration is written. Once all the furniture arrives in the apartment, it is assembled and placed according to the visualization.

Finally, mirrors and pictures are hung and decorative elements are positioned.

What makes our home staging special?

We combine a timeless interior design with modern, trendy decor and eye-catching furniture pieces.

White, black and gray is too monotonous for us, we prefer to combine these tones with creative color combinations to create a unique living experience.

VS HOMES does not furnish apartments, we design a new home.