"Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends
always belong and laughter never ends."

- Viola Schritter, Founder VS Homes


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Are you looking for an apartment
to rent out?

Do you want to invest your capital

Then you've come to the right place at
VS Homes!

Do you want to invest your capital profitably?

Then you've come to the right place at VS Homes!

Achieve up to 6% return per year with only 30% equity when buying and renting one of our apartments.

In addition, we can support you with a banking partner for your investment needs and help you find a suitable tenant for the property.

Are you looking for an apartment to rent out?

Do you want to invest your
capital profitably?

Then you've come to the right place
at VS Homes!

Achieve up to 6% return per year with only 30% equity when buying and renting one of our apartments.

In addition, we can support you with a banking partner for your investment needs and help you find a suitable tenant for the property.

TOP PREIS !! Provisionsfreier Erstbezug mit Loggia
Arbesbachgasse 29
1190 Wien,Döbling

PROVISIONSFREI | Anlegerhit | ca.1.800 € Miete & 8,49% Rendite
Sieveringer Straße 75a
1190 Wien,Döbling

TOP Lage !! Familienhit inkl. Loggia mit Grünblick
Arbesbachgasse 29
1190 Wien,Döbling

PROVISIONSFREI !! Erstbezug mit Loggia
Rathstraße 33
1190 Wien

TOP PREIS !! Provisionsfreier Erstbezug im traumhaften Altbau
Breitenfurter Straße 238
1230 Wien,Liesing

PROVISIONSFREI | 4 Zimmer | 2 Balkone | Bestlage
Sieveringer Straße 75a
1190 Wien,Döbling

Obkirchergasse 7
1190 Wien

PROVISIONSFREI | Traumhafte Altbauwohnung in Top Lage
Erdbergstraße 170
1030 Wien,Landstraße

PROVISIONSFREI | perfekte 1-Zimmer-Wohnung | Bestlage
Sieveringer Straße 75a
1190 Wien,Döbling

Mit dem Cityherzen auf du und du
Dominikanerbastei 21
1010 Wien

Indoor-Annehmlichkeiten mit Outdoor-Panorama
Max-Böhm-Gasse 22
1220 Wien

Bodenständig an den Ufern der Alten Donau
Max-Böhm-Gasse 22
1220 Wien

Gemütlich auf der Sonnenseite
Landstraßer Hauptstraße 163
1030 Wien

Kultiger Freigeist über den Dächern
Amerlingstraße 6
1060 Wien

Kompakt für den Lebensmittelpunkt
Huttengasse 27-34
1160 Wien

Liegenschaft mit Grünanschluss
Huttengasse 27-34
1160 Wien

Zu Höherem berufen
Barawitzkagasse 11
1190 Wien

Kontaktfreudig mit Rückzug-Option
Dirmhirngasse 25
1230 Wien

Gut gebaut mit versteckten Reizen
Rappachgasse 47
1110 Wien

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Purchase and
assessment of
a new project


Restoration and
of the property


Furnishment and


Ready for



Aquisition and Purchase

First, all apartments in our portfolio are acquired, examined and evaluated. We focuse on finding hidden rough diamonds, which we can turn into jewels throughout implementation of the next steps. Particularly important to us are the individual characteristics of the aquired apartment, their layout, the connection to public transportation, and an environment that suits the type of the apartment.

Restoration and appreciation of the property

As soon as we have decided on an apartment, its development is planned by our project and design team according to its unique features and aspects. As soon as our project and design team has finished planning the apartment, it will be handed over to our construction company Schritter Bau GmbH. All of VS Homes’ apartments are being renovated with a lot of care and only using construction material of premium quality.



Staging – Furnishment and Decoration

“Home staging" describes the process of furnishing an apartment - highlighting its strengths and emphasizing its assets. The project and design team attaches great importance to the time-dependent incidence of light, the inclusion of the existing atmosphere of the property and the effect of colors and different textures in certain rooms. In this way, each apartment is individually designed, furnished, and decorated.

Finalisation and Sale

After the properties have been staged, they are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for future showings. Our sales team always tries to find the right property for the right prospect and has an open ear for every request.


Our Managing Directors

Who is VS Homes GmbH?

We are a young, dynamic and goal-oriented team with a common goal: to make people's dreams of home ownership come true.

Our properties are chosen with knowledge, created with passion and finished with love.

Each employee has their own area of responsibility and is full verve, enthusiasm and commitment.

Viola Schritter

Founder & CEO

Viola Schritter is a real estate developer from Vienna and the founder of VS Homes GmbH. Under Viola's direction, our apartments are planned, designed, and furnished. As a determined and charismatic leader, she makes living dreams come true with the help of her team.

Kontakt: vs@vshomes.at


Office Management

Jakob coordinates administrative tasks in the company to improve processes in daily operations. He is the direct interface between management and the workforce. He also deputizes the CEO.

Kontakt: js@vshomes.at


Assistent Manager

Annemarie is the strategist at VS Homes GmbH. With great ambition, she conscientiously pursues her tasks and thus is an important component of the company.

Kontakt: grasboeck@vshomes.at


Accounting and Back-Office

Lu is responsible for bookkeeping and managing the back office. She is very reliable, determined and always there for our team should any questions arise. Her dutiful approach to all issues in the company makes her an important personality at VS Homes GmbH.

Kontakt: zhang@vshomes.at


Project Management

Melanie is responsible for the process between the takeover and the sale of our residential properties. She is the link between VS Homes GmbH and the in-house construction company Schritter Bau GmbH. Under Melanie's management, the apartments are included in the existing portfolio. In the next step, the apartments are planned with attention to detail, further developed, renovated, and furnished according to their individual characteristics.

Kontakt: mueller@vshomes.at


Interior Design

Nikolina is responsible for the design and furnishment of the apartments. In collaboration with the project management team, she plans, designs and stages the properties for sale. Nikolina is characterized by her unique gift of individual perception of each apartment’s strengths. She succeeds in creating a unique living experience for every residential property.

Kontakt: dimitrijevic@vshomes.at


Aquisition and Sales

Katja is responsible for the acquisition and sale of our apartments. She conducts the showings with our customers. She answers all questions about our properties honestly and trustingly and always has an open ear for customers and their wishes.

Kontakt: zamecnik@vshomes.at


Would you like to invest
your assets profitably?

VS Homes regularly implements real estate projects and now offers you the opportunity to invest with us.

“Invest with us in selected real
estate projects!”

6-24 month

Up to 8% return
on your invested

No additional

Find out more in a free consultation and
let one of our experts advise you!

Our Construction Team


Construction Manager

Musa is the site manager of the in-house construction company Schritter Bau GmbH. In cooperation with the project and design management, Musa renovates and plans our residential properties.

'with destruction comes

Our construction company actively supports VS Homes GmbH in transforming old, crumbling apartments into new, idyllic homes.

We get inspired by the individual characteristics of the property and design it in a timelessly valid style.

Every residential property in our portfolio has individual assets and strengths. With the help of our project and design team and the construction manager Musa, we succeed in recognizing, evaluating and, as a result, setting the scene. The old gets reinterpreted and the apartments are renovated according to the highest quality standards.


Does your apartment need a new bathroom, a new floor or a new wall painting?

- We specialize in getting the most out of your apartment.

Bath renovation

Schritter Bau GmbH specializes in bathroom renovations. Old bathrooms are reinterpreted, renovated and designed according to individual preferences.


The construction company Schritter Bau GmbH is available for laying parquet or laminate flooring, as well as tiles.

Painting / Plaster Works

Beautifully plastered and painted walls give every apartment an unique atmosphere. Light walls can be used to visually enlarge the space, whereas unique and dark colors can conjure up a new idyll in the room.


With many years of experience in the assembly and installation of air conditioning systems, Schritter Bau GmbH offers professional advice and flawless assembly of air conditioning systems.


Contact our construction



What is Homestaging?

Homestaging describes the process of beautifying a property to highlight the best features and to create the experience of what it would feel as one’s future home.

It is the concept of professionally furnishing a property with the purpose of enhancing all the positive aspects by positioning well-chosen furniture, installing different colour and light concepts, using the right textiles and materials, or positioning remarkable decoration. The goal is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in otherwise empty and cold spaces. This will enable the prospect buyer to imagine living there. Homestaging evokes feelings of home and shows what the property has to offer in terms of space usage and interior design. Thanks to the professional expertise, the unique characteristics of the property will stand out.

How does our Homestaging work?

We start with creating a mood board that determines the colours and style of the interior design. Then the furniture and decorations are added to see if the individual pieces harmonize with each other.

To show the results to our clients, we use 3D visualization.

Upon approval, we work with an inventory list and an order list. The inventory list contains furniture that we already have, which will be transported from our warehouse to the new property.

As soon as all the furniture has arrived, we will set it up and place it according to the visualization. As the finishing touch, mirrors and pictures are hung and decorative elements positioned.

What makes our home staging special?

At VS Homes, we combine timeless with trendy. White, black and grey – that is too monotonous for us. To create a unique living experience, we come up with creative colour combinations. Each property gets an individual Homestaging, and every room is given the attention it deserves. No property will look the same. Nevertheless, a recognition value is created with our It-pieces.

VS Homes does not just furnish apartments, we design a new home.


Wir stellen gerne Informationsmaterial, nach Anfrage, zur Verfügung und freuen uns auf zukünftige Zusammenarbeiten.

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